Brooklyn Sourdough
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About the Baker

I’m Erin Slonaker, an avid home cook who decided one day to give sourdough bread a try. My backgrounds in physics (my undergrad degree) and crafting (my hobby as well as my full-time job) come together perfectly in bread, with the science of sourdough and the creativity of scoring. I was honored to be asked by Martha Stewart to be the guest on the “Decorative Breads” episode of her long-running PBS show, Martha Bakes, where I showed her a bit of what I do. I’m the one on the left in the photo!

About the Baker
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About the Baker

Born April 14, 2017, my starter was created from scratch in my Brooklyn kitchen. I used the King Arthur Flour guidelines for starting one’s own starter and used King Arthur Flour whole wheat flour. Her name is Constance, in honor of someone who continues to get mail in my apartment, despite the fact that I’ve lived here for more than ten years! She hangs out in the fridge in between batches of bread.

About the Starter